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(Techincal services from Emami Double Bull Cement)


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Concrete testing at just a call away!

  • Now get Technical Assistance and Engineer's Advice with Emami Cement TECH EXPRESS
  • Your TECH EXPRESS is piloted by an Technical Engineer who would provide you with their expert advice and technical assistance in making good concrete

Tech Express Capabilities

  • Project cost optimization
  • Distribution of concrete cover block, masking tape, membrane Curing Sheet
  • Test fresh and hardened concrete - concrete cube testing
  • Silt test of Fine Aggregates
  • Sieve analysis of Fine & Coarse Aggregate
  • On site testing and best supervision of construction practices
  • Concrete Mix Design for cost optimization
  • Tips on structural Water Proofing & construction chemicals

The Objective

  • The major purpose of providing this facility is to help the individual house builder to optimally use the modern day cement
  • Aide our valued customers in processing high standard concrete
  • Encourage best practices in the field of Individual house builders construction
  • Encourage best practices in the field of Individual house builders construction

How does it function

  • Post the customers enquiry and submission of requirement our technical engineer would get in touch the customer and derive the date of concreting and the place of construction
  • To receive technical help from our engineers, customers can call on Toll Free Number 18001022008 or fill out the form to place his/her request. This is needs to be done at least 3 days advance
  • The customer can put across a request through the dealer/retailer for registration
  • The technical expert will make a pre-concrete visit and advice the customer of the right proportion elements and quantity
  • The technical expert will provide construction safety tips
  • During the process of concreting the workers are briefed about the right procedure and proper mixture of concrete . Various tests are made on the site to achieve the same
  • Technical advice is given to the contractor about various issues that may rise post concreting
  • The concrete sample is tested for strength and BIS specification on the 7th day or on 28th day as the situation demands. A test certificate on concrete cube strength will be mailed or handed over to the customer. This will ensure that your structure is strong and durable
  • The Tech Express service would be available at first come first serve basis

The Overall Impact

  • TECH EXPRESS is free of cost for our customers on as first come first serve basis
  • TECH EXPRESS also provides free samples of cover blocks 
  • The technical engineer can check for harmful impurities in sand e.g : clay or silt
  • The Tech Express helps in guiding the consumer for a building a better Dream home
  • The tech express aids the consumer make better and durable concrete
  • Avail Annual Health Check up service of your dream home and assess structural stability