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We believe that quality management is critical for the success of our Company. We place great emphasis on quality assurance and product safety at each step of the manufacturing process, to ensure that the quality of our products meets the expectations of our customers and achieves maximum customer satisfaction. We have set up a robotic laboratory at our Risda Manufacturing Plant for monitoring the quality of cement manufactured. This laboratory assists us with the automated collection of samples from our manufacturing line and based on the results of such samples, enables us to make changes in process parameters to ensure consistent quality. We also monitor the quality of limestone with a cross-belt analyzer, which helps us maintain the quality of limestone sent to our Risda Manufacturing Plant.

Our Risda Manufacturing Plant has been recommended for ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for the manufacture and supply of clinker and cement

Portland Slag Cement
Subh preimu slag cement - back - Emami cement

Emami Subh Premium PSC

Emami Double Bull Subh cement is a premium product from the house of Emami Cement Ltd, manufactured with high grade clinker and good quality Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag ( GGBFS ).

Ordinary Portland Cement - Emami Cement
Opc 43 grade Front -Emami Cement

Emami Master Premium Cement

Emami Double Bull Cement “MASTER” is a premium variant of Portland Pozzolana Cement comes in laminated polypropylene packaging. “Double Bull MASTER” provides enhanced durability, strength and setting. The laminated polypropelene packaging makes it tamperproof, retains cements freshness over time and assures the right weight of cement bags.

Portland pozzolana cement- Emami Cement
Ppc Cement

Emami Double Bull PPC

Emami Double Bull Portland Pozzolana Cement is manufactured by synchronizing two-stage hydration process involving clinker and pozzolanic material, resulting in a dense, gel-like formation. The use of high-quality ash as a supplementary cementitious material in the manufacturing of PPC results not only in more durable and high performance concrete, but also in lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Portland Slag Cement - Emami Cement
Portland Slag Cement

Emami Double Bull PSC

Emami Double Bull Portland Slag Cement is created with a combination of slag with clinker and gypsum. It is made by integrating clinker with superior granulated blast furnace slag that leads to granular consistency and creates a cement that is resistant to chemical ingress.

Ordinary Portland Cement - Emami Cement
Opc 53 grade Front -Emami Cement

Emami Double Bull OPC-53

Emami Double Bull Ordinary Portland Cement, grade-53 is manufactured using a specialized process that allows optimum distribution of each particle, enabling superior crystalline structure and balanced composition. It gives high strength and durability to structures.

Ordinary Portland Cement - Emami Cement
Opc 43 grade Front -Emami Cement

Emami Double Bull OPC-43

Emami Double Bull OPC 43 grade cement is widely used for all general and semi-specialized constructions such as columns, beams, slabs and all structural works, manufacture of concrete blocks and tiles, brick and stone masonry, plastering and flooring, plain and RCC, pre-cast, pre-stressed slip formed concrete jobs, and commercial buildings, industrial constructions, multi- storied complexes, cement concrete roads and heavy duty floors.

PPC Procem Cement - Emami Cement
Ppc Cement

Emami Double Bull PROCEM

Emami Double Bull PROCEM cement has been designed especially for institutional customers.