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Emami Risda Plant chattisgarh - Emami Cement


The integrated cement manufacturing plant at Risda, Chhattisgarh, is situated approximately 70 kms from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. The integrated plant has an installed capacity of 3.20 MMTPA of clinker and 2.50 MMTPA of cement.


The integrated plant boasts of Waste Heat Recovery System, thereby making it environment friendly since the waste heat from the system gets utilized/recycled to generate power. The waste heat recovery system makes the Risda plant efficient in terms of electrical energy consumption. It also has a robotic laboratory that ensures quality consistency in every bag. In addition, we have set up a 30 MW captive coal based power plant making our Risda Manufacturing Plant efficient in terms of electrical energy consumption. We source almost all of our electrical energy requirement for our Risda Manufacturing Plant from our captive power plant and waste heat recovery system. Our integrated operations at our Risda Manufacturing Plant allow us to capture a greater portion of the cement value chain, maintain our cost competitiveness and produce good quality clinker for the manufacturing of cement.

Date of Commissioning :- 14th Dec 2016Specific persons mail id :- anand.kulkarni@emamicement.comOne point of contact for the plant :- Mr. Anand Kulkarni