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 Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC-53)

ordinary Portland Cement 53 - Emami Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC-53)

Emami Double Bull OPC 53 Grade cement is manufactured using a specialized process that allows optimum distribution of each particle, enabling superior crystalline structure and balanced composition. It gives high strength and durability to structures. This grade of cement is widely used in residential construction, commercial infrastructure, roads and highways, industrial plants, marine construction and plain and RCC work.

Advantages of Emami Double Bull Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC-53)

Advantage Emami Cement - Optimal Cement Mix

Optimal Cement Mix

Advantage Emami Cement - Improved workabilityAdvantage Emami Cement - Flawless cohesiveness

Improved workability

Advantage Emami Cement - Flawless cohesiveness

Better cohesiveness

Advantage Emami Cement - Superior surface finish

Better surface finish

Advantage Emami Cement - Strength and longevity

Strength and longevity

Advantage Emami Cement - Better cohesiveness and workability

Better cohesiveness and workability

Emami Double Bull Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC-53) Application Segments

Application Segments - Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Application Segments - Commercial Infrastructure

Commercial Infrastructure

Application Segments - Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways

Application Segments - Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants

Application Segments - Marine Construction

Marine Construction

Application Segments - Plain and RCC Work

Plain and RCC Work