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Emami Double Bull Subh cement is a premium product of our Company, which is manufactured with high grade clinker and good quality ground granulated blast furnace slag enriched with glass content. The optimized proportion of clinker and ground granulated blast furnace slag make it an all-weather cement ensuring advantages related to both strength and durability. This grade of cement can be widely used in residential construction, commercial infrastructure, roads and highways, industrial plants, marine construction and plain and RCC work. The laminated polypropylene packaging makes it tamperproof, retains cements freshness over time and assures right weight of cement bags.

Advantages of Emami Double Bull Subh cement

Advantage Emami Cement - Ultra Superior Finish

Ultra Superior Finish

Advantage Emami Cement - Extra Durability

Extra Durability

Advantage Emami Cement - Optimal Setting

Optimal Setting

Advantage Emami Cement - Seepage Resistant

Seepage Resistant

Advantage Emami Cement - Impermeable concrete

Impermeable concrete

Advantage Emami Cement - High Strength Structural Grade

High Strength Structural Grade

Advantage Emami Cement - All weather cement

All weather cement

Emami Subh Premium PSC Application Segments

Emami Subh Cement for Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Emami Subh Cement for Commercial Infrastructure

Commercial Infrastructure

Emami Subh Cement for Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways

Emami Subh Cement for Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants

Emami Subh Cement for Marine Construction

Marine Construction

Emami Subh Cement for Plain and RCC Work

Plain and RCC Work