Why should you start any construction work only after the monsoon

In this age of expanding concrete jungle construction is a never ending process. But we have often observed that the construction often gets abandoned in the rainy season as the construction in Monsoon comes with a lot of challenges. One of the major challenge is the unpredictable weather. The rains can not only wash away and ruin all the raw materials, but can be hazardous for workers on the sites. In various places, heavy rains can cause the ground to become swampy and the water levels also rise up causing problems with digging the land for basements and foundations. Heavy rains can even damage the completed structures. Other than that the transportation and heavy machine handling can also be very difficult during heavy rains. Monsoon is especially dangerous and difficult when it comes to the construction of on roofs.

Here we have enlisted some of the reasons which will tell you why you should avoid construction during Monsoon season:

Material Wastage

Rains can not only be detrimental to the material used on the sites but it can also harm the materials stored nearby. The wet weather can waste your cement storage as cement when comes in contact with water starts to react with air and becomes solid. Not only that, the moisture content in air damages the mixing integrity of the cement as well as sand and result in unstable construction.

Compromised Safety

Monsoon weather can pose a serious problem for various types of structuring processes like- roofing, excavating for foundation, and even mixing of concrete. It is not only very troublesome to work in, heavy rain can also compromise the visibility for drivers of vehicles and heavy equipment. Other than that water content on the surfaces makes them slippery and hazardous for the workers.

The Right Temperature

Right temperatures plays a very important role in the construction process. Different features of constructions like roofing, flooring, masonry and plaster work give better results when they are fabricated in conducive environment at a particular temperature. The rain water can be a serious threat to such features, hence having a damaging effect on the building.

To Avoid Rust Damage

Water and moisture can cause deterioration of the materials like steel reinforcement bars used in RCC and structural steel support by causing rust, as are steel door/window handles, nuts & bolts, etc.

Hence, it is very important for any construction schedule to keep the seasons in mind when planning! And if it is very necessary to use cement in such moist conditions you should use Emami Double Bull Subh All weather cement which offers ultra superior finish, extra durability, seepage resistance to your construction

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