Why rainwater harvesting is needed in your house?

India ranks 13th among 17 countries facing ‘Extremely High’ water stress, according to a report published by the World Resource Institute. So imagine India’s water woes that loom large over the country despite receiving above-normal rainfall in the past few months.

The reason behind this is due to the inefficient use of water and the lack of vital infrastructure to conserve it. In the wake of this, it is important to adopt ‘rainwater harvesting’ at every level.

But what exactly is rainwater harvesting? – It is the technique of collecting and storing rainwater in artificial tanks or reservoirs for later use.

Once implemented, rain-water harvesting can prove beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are some of the major advantages of rainwater harvesting:-

Preserves ground-water:

Recently, ground-water levels across India plunged to alarming levels, with the northern half of the country experiencing the worst hit. The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) stated in one of its reports that India is the largest extractor of groundwater in the world and that 21 of its major cities may exploit all the reserves by 2020… Rainwater harvesting ensures minimal use of groundwater since much of the water needs are met through artificial tanks. This reduces the extraction of groundwater and provides enough time for replenishment.

Reduces water bills:

Municipal bodies levy charges on individuals for the supply and use of water. This cost can be substantially reduced when people develop a common rainwater harvesting facility in their community. 

Can be used for ‘non-drinking’ purposes:

The water supplied by the municipal bodies is largely purified. Using this purified water for non-drinking purposes like flushing, washing clothes and utensils, bathing, watering flowers, etc. is unwise and not feasible. Instead, using accumulated rainwater (harvesting) can put less of a strain on our natural water bodies and can ensure more efficient use of water.

Although it may sound like an easy concept, rain-water harvesting requires forethought and planning when adopted on a large scale. The artificial tanks need to be made of strong cement to withstand the tremendous force exerted by the water against its walls. For this purpose, it is recommended you choose brands like Emami Double Bull Cement, the best cement brand in India. Emami Double Bull Cement is a high performing concrete and extremely capable of containing any impact.

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