Now get fresh vegetables at your window sill. Know all about window farming

“Aalu le lo, Kaanda le lo!” surely this dialogue rings a bell. The entire segment is just hilarious and brings a smile when you recollect the scene.

We all have visited a sabzi mandi to buy our daily vegetable, but did you know the vegetables that are available at the sabzi mandi’s and stores are injected with pesticides and various chemicals.

We are not only giving you a solution but also a hobby that you can pick. The answer to this is Window Farming and  this is what you should know about Window Farming.

What is window farming?

Window Farming is a modern technique where you can grow vegetables like red pepper (laal mirch) bottle guard(lauki), tomatoes, beans and cooking herbs at your own window sill. The vegetables grow with the natural setting of your room.

What do you need?

You can make your own window farm using materials like water bottles, plastic pipes, clay pellets, an air pump(fish tank) and a window where there is ample sunlight.

How it works?

The water bottles are columned upside down and the side of the bottle is cut for the plants to grow. An air pump circulates liquid nutrients to the plants.

Advantages of window farming

All that you produce is your own food and it is free of any chemicals or pesticide. All the produce is fresher than the one you get in markets. Imagine making a lauki ka halwa, cooking tomato soup and making your own laal mirch powder with your own home grown vegetables.

No more visiting the sabzi mandi anymore and eating chemical injected vegetables when you can grow your vegetables at your own home. Eat healthy and live a healthy life.

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