Keeping your house hygienic during the Covid-19 Lockdown

The rapid increase in the spread of the Novel Coronavirus – Covid-19 – has driven the entire world to take shelter in their homes. What was once only a haven and safe place has now become a gym, a movie theater, a bar, an office; everything really. Since our homes have now become a place where we spend all of our time, it is incredibly important to make sure they are clean to avoid the spread of infections and germs.

Here are a few ways you can keep your house hygienic during this global pandemic – 

The most important way to ensure that your surroundings are clean, especially now, is to prevent the spread of germs. Germs are easily transmittable from person to person and surface to surface. Thus, it is necessary to clean areas where they thrive the most such as the kitchen and bathroom. To get rid of them, use warm water with soap or a strong disinfectant. Once you have cleaned these surfaces thoroughly, dry them off with a clean towel. Do not leave any surface damp. Dampness allows germs to stay alive and the more moisture, the faster they’ll be able to multiply. Follow these cleaning tips to help prevent the spread of germs:

  • Use disposable cloths, sponges, and paper towels every time you clean. If you are using a reusable cloth, make sure it is disinfected after every use and washed at a high temperature. 
  • When mopping the floor, use two different buckets. Use one for the soap and the other for rinsing off the mop. Both the buckets and the mop should be cleaned and dried after every use. 
  • For the toilet, it is necessary to clean it with a disinfectant every few days since it is the place where germs thrive. Keep the seat, handle, and rim as clean as possible. 
  • Clean the shower area and sinks frequently. Try to keep both places as dry as possible so germs do not multiply. 
  • Make sure the tiles in the bathroom are also clean to avoid any fungus or mold from developing.
  • Ensure that the area in the kitchen where the food is prepared is cleaned before every use. Use different cutting boards for vegetables and raw meat. Wash and dry your hands after handling raw meat. Clean every surface as soon as you are done preparing the meal. 
  • To maintain the safety of the household, make sure every person that enters either washes their hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds or uses a sanitizer. It could also help to keep one near the door for everyone. 

Covid-19 is not to be taken lightly. Keep your home clean, stay indoors, and stay safe! 

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