How weather adversities affect your construction

Cracks on the wall? Leaking roofs? Peeling paint?

Has your house become like another haunted home in the by lanes of the city?

Who do you blame it on? The paint, the material used during the construction or your bad fate?

Stop for a minute.

Did you know even weather conditions have a long lasting effect on your house?


During Winters

Concrete tends to mix at a very slow pace during winters due to lower air temperatures. This slow mixing process of concrete formation can cause massive cracks in the constructions. Concrete mix is an essential part during laying concrete foundations, brickwork, slabs and even during screening. Snowfall during winter can also bring construction to a complete halt as it causes visibility and safety issues.


During Rains

Moisture developed due to rainy season can damage metal structures like RCC majorly due to rusting. Rains can also wash away the cement and cause material loss.

You may have observed rains are the major reasons in construction delay. Reason being loose soil which causes erosion which can compromise structural stability of the foundation. It can also obstruct roofing, for obvious reasons.


During Summer

In hot weather, the cement tends to set quickly which can result in shrinkage and crack development. As a lot of water is required while construction lack of its abundance in the summertime can also obstruct the construction process.

So you should do proper planning according to the weather condition in early stages of construction to avoid these bothersome delays, loss of material and damage to the building. Find out about Emami Double Bull Cement’s All Weather Cement that will give your house protection through all-weather adversities.

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