How to save your house from water intrusion

After the scorching summer, the arrival of monsoon feels like a true blessing. But a few weeks in, after the temperature cools down, the rain which seemed like a blessing feels no less than a burden. This is especially true for homeowners. One of the most inevitable problems that follows a long stretch of rain is water damage. 

Following are some basic measures you can follow to safeguard your house from water intrusion:

Prepare your roof:

Your roof is the most prone to damage as it is the most exposed part of the house.  Thoroughly inspect your roof and look for signs of damage or sagging. If your roof lacks proper drainage, there are high changes that water could stagnate and it will eventually seep into your home. Hence, to avoid situations like make sure your roof periodically and never neglect proper maintenance.

Seal your windows:

Window leaks is amongst the most common issues in aging homes. After years of varying weather conditions, windows tend to wear out and they become loose eventually. While leaks in older windows is commonplace, newer ones can also be at risk. The simplest and  most effective solution for this problem is to caulk and seal your windows regularly. Caulking refers to sealing the window joints with the frame to create ensure that windows are air and water tight. 

Keep the drains unclogged and vicinity clean

An obvious consequence of a heavy downpour is clogged drains. To avoid this, an eye out for the drainage system and make sure regularly unclog the drains and keep it clean. This will not only save your house from water damage, but it will also prevent breeding of insects and keep you house & neighborhood healthy.

Find and repair plumbing leaks

If there are any cracks in your walls, then it is important that you repair them before monsoon arrives. There are various crack sealing products available in the market, which you can help you get through the monsoon. But a more permanent solution to the problem would be to use ensure that the walls are strong by choosing the best cement for house construction. Use strong cement from the top cement companies like Emami Double Bull Cement offers ultra superior finish, extra durability and seepage resistance to your construction.

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