Fire and water elements in modern homes

Ancient Greece recognized the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water as sacred elements of life. Each element holds a distinct energy but when all of them get a synergy it creates an ultimate state of harmony. There are energies that surround us which need to strike a balance at all times to purify and energize your home.


What does it do? – This element helps keep you grounded. The energies of this element focus on bringing more strength and stability to your home.

Governs Practical Matters like – finance, career, goods and necessities.


What does it do? – This element helps attain clarity and enhances impactful communication skills as it deals with mind and consciousness.

Governs mental matters such as – quick learning and wisdom.


What does it represent? – Passion and Energy.

Fire element governs love, creativity and motivation. A brighter future is something everyone craves for; this element lights the way to that future and brings more warmth into our lives.


What does it represent? – Feelings and subconsciousness

Water element cleanses and purifies the house, which enables the dwellers to get in touch with their emotions and intuitions

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