Effects of the rainy season on your house

The arrival of monsoons makes everyone across the country commence preparations to safeguard their homes from the weather. The extent to which rain can affect your house depends on two key factors: volume and duration. 
Technically, if the downpour exceeds 0.30 inches per hour, it is classified as ‘heavy rain’. At this stage, it is quite likely that you will witness water damage in parts of your house. 

Following are some of the most common house problems associated with heavy rainfall:

Roof Leakage

Roof leakage is commonplace during monsoon. If not addressed at the earliest the seemingly trivial problem has the potential to spread and become a nightmare. From an optimistic point of view, it could even be said that heavy rainfall reveals weak spots in your roof. In most cases, roof leaks can be traced to split or missing shingles or gaps around vent pipes, chimneys etc.  When it comes to terraces, poor quality of construction or lack of waterproofing leads to water leakage.

Exterior Wall Damage

Exterior leaks occur when you compromise on raw materials while building the structure. These leaks occur from various sources like cracks, gaps or holes in the wall. During the monsoons, water seeps through these vacant space in the wall resulting in leakage. To avoid such a situation, look for the section of wall that is damaged or shows any sign of blemishes. Water from overflowing gutters can also be a threat to the exterior wall. Even if the exterior siding repels raindrops, the rush of water coming from the overflowing gutter will seep through the siding. 

Interior Damage

In buildings, corrosion caused by water seeping through leakages is a serious problem. Steel rods are an integral part of the entire construction and damage due to corrosion can cause a threat to the safety of the inhabitants. In fact, in most structure collapse for reinforcement as corroded steel rods cannot be restored.

To avoid all the above problems it is very important to tackle the issue at the root. This begins with following a proper guide to building a house and using durable, high-quality raw materials like high-performance concrete. To avoid any of the above issues while building your home, choose only from the top cement companies like Emami Double Bull Cement which offers an ultra-superior finish and extra durability which makes it the perfect choice to repair walls and ensure that rain damage is not an issue you will need to worry about. 

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