Colours and their significance when building a home

Choosing the right colour will become even more important for you after you know the significance each colour has on how your house looks but also the vibe of your home.

Orange –

This colour helps you to think beyond and expand your horizon. It helps in reducing self-consciousness and makes you more expressive. The colour of laughter and celebration, makes you feel younger.

Deep Blue –

This colour helps you focus more and make clear decisions by breaking through the clutter. Deep Blue is known to encourage efficiency which helps you build synergy between the big picture and the little picture.


For the ones seeking wealth, this is your colour. This colour helps you recognize your talents and showcase it to the world. Be it a fresh start or the wish to grow further in life, this is a must have colour in your room.

Light Purple –

Explore your spiritual side with this colour which helps you connect with a higher plane. Deepen your sense of humanity, become more compassionate by adding this colour to your room.

Bright Red –

Pump up your self-confidence with this colour in your room. It enables you to be more courageous and fearless in life.


This colour helps you enhance mental agility, intelligence and stimulates healthy conversations. If you need some clarity in your thoughts then this is the colour you want to add to your room.


This colour is for the hearty ones who believe in tender love. Pink is a colour for those who are trying to be more understanding and gentle.


Having trouble sleeping or relaxing? This is the color that will help you achieve calmness and meditate better.

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