7 Cost Reduction Techniques While Constructing Your Home.

We all have the dream of owning ‘Apna Ghar’ but the thing which stops us from realizing this dream into reality is ‘Ghar Banane ka Kharch’. Constructing a new home in this economy can be very costly and can drain out most of your savings. So saving money on even the smallest of details can go a long way. There are a lot of ways one can save money while constructing a new home. Right from start to end, there is a lot of scope of saving money without compromising on quality and materials.


Here are 7 ways you can reduce your cost when constructing your home:

  1. Do proper space planning

Very frequently, we trust our gut and start building on guesswork. Avoid guesswork and do proper Space Planning. Get your floor plan from your architect beforehand so that you can suggest the required changes before commencing the construction. Use square or rectangular floor plans. Use space efficiently, reduce the number of corners since they increase material and labor costs.

2. Simple Straight Forward Approach

Construction methods for complicated floor plans can be expensive and intensive. Simple straight forward construction methods should be promoted. Modular methods or thin joint masonry methods are the new trends in modern construction due to their efficient, fast and cost-effective approach.

3. Hire professional labor

Building a home with almost no experience can be very risky since you can make errors in judgment. On an asset, like your home, using professional help can maintain your construction budget a lot. The experience and skill of professionals can be the difference between ordinary and classy.

4. Prefabrication

With the ever-growing fabrication industry, prefabrication has become a very important element in reducing costs. Prefabrication includes manufacturing modules and panels in controlled factories that have ready molds. Molds help to boost the process tremendously. Prefabrication is best known for cost reduction since very less labor is involved.

5. Time Management

Time management is a very important factor in construction. Time lags can increase your total cost. A pre-designed house plan can be handy. Starting construction without planning and designs in place can cause huge time lags. That will eventually add up to higher labor cost and a lot of personal time wasted.

6. Opt for a simpler roof design

The roof is one of the most expensive items while construction. It is an untold fact about construction, the simpler the roof, the cheaper it will be. One of the best ways of controlling the budget is by using cost-effective materials. The roof is not a moving part, hence the use of slightly cheap materials can be okay. The most inexpensive roof is simple, single ridgeline with a shallow pitch. Tricky designs are not advised.

7. Avoid materials and labor wastage

Construction materials can be pricy sometimes. The best way you can manage costs in these situations is by focusing on the mantra of reducing, reusing, and recycling. The efficient usage, reducing wastage and properly disposing of waste which cannot be used, can help you check the wastage cost in your construction.

All in all, there are a lot of ways you can spend money. But at the same time, you can save up quite some cost by getting educated about cost reduction techniques. We hope this list helped you to decide and adjust your construction budget accordingly.




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