5 Tips to Protect your Homes from Pest Manifestation

Having termites on a property presents a major problem for any homeowner. By the time you notice a rodent, cockroach or other insect crawling around your house, it may already be too late. Even a sign of single pest can be an indication of a much bigger problem, pest invasion must be stopped before they have a chance to start.


Here are some suggestions for making your house guarded against bugs and other uninvited pests.

1. Make periodic checks for gaps and cracks
Most of these insects and rodents appear seasonally as they hibernate during cold winter months, so it’s important to do periodic checks for cracks in your home and the area around it. Even a small slit or gap in the foundation, roof or wall can make your home susceptible to the damage caused by these bugs and small animals.


2. Minimize the dampness in inaccessible areas
Rodents and termites often thrive in moist and dark areas. Clean up the soil or mulch to build up around the foundation and inaccessible corners. Eliminate nonliving wooden sources lying around the house as they can increase the chances of pest manifestation.


3. Trim the plants and shrubbery near your home


Plants like brush and bushes in the close proximity of the house make an ideal environment for pest entry in your house. Proper trimming of these plants and cutting back overhanging limbs can remove a possible point of entry for these pests. Removing these shrubberies from near your property can help in preventing termites and rodents infestation.


4. Maintain proper garbage disposal system


Keep the kitchen surfaces clear from all waste food items, clean dishes every night, and sweep floors of crumbs. Pests and insects are easily attracted to the rotting food items so it has to be properly dumped. Make sure garbage cans and recycle bins are properly sealed and placed away from the house. If you have compost pit, consider doing so in a properly sealed bin and keep it at a distance from your building.


5. Schedule regular inspections
Having your home inspected by a pest control professional is the best way to guard your property against termites. A pest control expert knows exactly what and where to look for. Common for homeowners to recognize the infestation only when it’s too late and a significant amount of damage has been done already. Having a professional inspect your property once a year is a better alternative to having to pay for extensive damage due to pest infestation.

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