5 signs which tell you that your home needs renovation

When you move in your new house, you would always think that it is perfect, but over the time problems start occurring which makes you give serious thoughts to renovation. Keeping a home damage free is an obvious task for every homeowner. Chances are you wouldn’t think of doing it unless there are roof leakages during rains or someone trips over a loose tile.


Here we have enlisted some clear indications which tell you that your home needs renovation.


1. Detachment of floor and wall tiles

Flooring can get damaged throughout the years because of wear and tear. Imagine the door traffic as well as multiple furniture pieces that your floor bears. Damage can also be caused by the use of an improper adhesive such as cement. Call a carpenter to replace the old tile with new ones, and make sure to use a proper tile adhesive.


2. Chipping of paint and wall putty

When the wall isn’t properly cleaned and primed before painting, paint can chip over time. Before repainting, remove existing paint using a steel wool, clean the wall, and apply putty on holes and uneven surfaces, so the new coat of paint will evenly adhere to the wall.


3. Appearance of leakage or dampness on the walls

The roof and outer walls are exposed to severe weather conditions throughout the year. If they are not waterproofed properly, it leads to damp patches. In heavy rains, water seeps down and results in ceiling damp patches & leakages.


4. Cracks and breaks in the walls

You can go months or even years before noticing the severity of a crack. And while it’s possible that these are just superficial cracks which can be fixed by putting little plaster and paint, it’s also possible that cracks are due to aging or structural damage of your home’s foundation. Structural damage comes in many different forms. Some are less serious than others. Hence timely renovation can help you a lot in such situations.


5. Termite infestation

We all know termites can damage wooden furnishing of your house but termites can also damage the concrete structures while passing through the cracks and gaps. Call a pest control expert. To prevent termite infestation, have your home sprayed with proper pesticide every four to six months, so termites won’t breed.


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