5 Signs that Your Roof Needs Urgent Repair

The roof is a very vital component of any house, for obvious reasons. It protects the home from external intrusions: rainwater, sunlight, snow, dust, etc. Thus, it is important to keep it intact and in the best possible condition.

Here are the top five cues that will tell you if your roof needs urgent repair.

Check for curved or cupped shingles

The shingles are the first layer of protection; as a result, they are exposed to a lot of harsh weather conditions. This makes them easily susceptible to wear and tear. One way to recognize worn out shingles is to check for their shape. If a shingle is curved at the edges or cupped near the center that means it needs to be replaced.

Sunlight passing through the roof

If a beam of light passes through your roof, it means there’s a gap in the tiles. Keep a lookout for such leaks and immediately fill them with the best quality cement. If left unattended, rainwater can seep in and can create trouble.

External damage to the roof

A quick look from the ground can give you a rough idea about the condition of your roof. Over a period of time, the shingles may lose their strength, thus making them fragile and susceptible to easy breakage. One must understand that repairing the roof is essential.

Wet patches on your internal ceiling

The internal conditions can speak as much about your roof as the external ones. An easy way to check for signs of leakage is through the discoloration of ceiling walls. Seepage of rainwater makes the walls damp and murky. This can also cause the paint to peel off. If there is water leakage, immediately clog the gap in your roof. You can do this by filling the cracks with cement plaster, but make sure to use only high-performance concrete that is impermeable and durable.

Age of your roof

If your roof is more than twenty years old, chances are it may be past its peak health. This is because a typical roof lasts around two decades. Frequent exposure to harsh weather conditions can decrease its lifespan. Consider a slight renovation with Emami Double Bull Cement– a leading cement manufacturer in India. They produce different quality cement that is highly recommended for construction purposes.

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