5 Common Renovation Mistakes

Deciding to renovate your home can be difficult and somewhat confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Not only is it an investment but you also have to manage a workforce consisting of designers, architects, contractors, etc. However, if you know what mistakes to avoid, you can easily renovate your home and turn it into a worthwhile investment. Here are 5 common renovation mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Having unrealistic expectations

When it comes to home renovation, things can get messy and inconvenient. Some people tend to have unrealistic expectations about how the renovation should take place. Have an idea of what it is you see for your home both in terms of style and space. You should also have a written plan well before you start the work, containing specific details like the choice of tiles, to the paint color and all in between. Of course, adjustments might have to be made every now and then which might throw you off track.

Not setting a fixed budget

Before you start the renovation process, it is important to set a budget. Some people tend to go with the flow and end up paying an exorbitant amount for renovations that could be done for less. Even once your budget is set, put some money aside as a buffer, in case things don’t end up going according to plan. Spend more money on things that you would use every day, rather than decorative items.

Not buying the right material

When it comes to home renovation, it is incredibly important to buy the right material such as the best quality cement, durable floor tiles, etc. If you do not buy the right material, there is a chance you might have to replace them within just a few years. Do your research to find out what materials are economical for you as well as strong enough to last long. For example, you will want to choose the best quality cement during your home renovation. Emami Double Bull Cement is a recommended choice. It is one of the leading cement companies in India and will definitely make a difference in your overall work.

Not assembling the team

Before you jump headfirst into any home renovation, it is necessary to assemble a team, depending on the work. Get the architect, designer, contractor, etc., together as early as possible. Some people generally make the mistake of getting the design done and then consulting the contractor, only to find out that the renovation costs are going way off-budget. Having a strong team and getting them to work together minimizes and sometimes even eliminates major issues from arising.

Working without a permit

A mistake that is highly dangerous and disadvantageous in terms of cost is working without a permit. Though the contractor will mostly get the necessary permits; you should go to the municipal building department to make sure a permit is required for your project. Sites that don’t have the right permits could become a big problem later on.

A house renovation project is a lot of work so and hopefully, these house renovation tips will prove useful.

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