A PSC is made of Clinker, Gypsum and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag. The Emami Double Bull PSC is made by integrating clinker with superior Granulated Blast Furnace Slag that leads to granular consistency and creates a cement that is resistant to chemical ingress.

Advantages of Emami Double Bull PSC

Advantage Emami Cement - Better chemical resistance

Better chemical resistance

Advantage Emami Cement - Superior finish

Superior finish

Advantage Emami Cement - Improved workability

Improved workability

Advantage Emami Cement - Compatible with all type of mixtures

Compatible with all type of mixtures

Emami Double Bull PSC Application Segments

Application Segments - Underground concrete

Underground concrete

Application Segments - Water storing structures

Water storing structures

Application Segments - Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Application Segments - Commercial Infrastructure

Commercial Infrastructure

Application Segments - Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways

Application Segments - Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants

PSC Statistical report - compressive strength
PSC Statistical report  - setting time
PSC Statistical report - soundness