Portland Pozzolana Cement

Manufactured by synchronizing two-stage hydration process, the Emami PPC cement is made of clinker and pozzolanic material resulting in dense, gel-like formation. Lower permeability and lesser chemical reactivity lead to better performance vis-à-vis OPC cement.

Advantages of Emami Double Bull Portland Pozzolana Cement

Advantage Emami Cement - Resistance to chemical attacks

Resistance to chemical attacks

Advantage Emami Cement - Crack-resistant


Advantage Emami Cement - Improved strength and viscosity

Improved strength and viscosity

Advantage Emami Cement - Lower permeability

Lower permeability

Advantage Emami Cement - Water-resistant


Advantage Emami Cement - Better cohesiveness and workability

Better cohesiveness and workability

Emami Double Bull Portland Pozzolana Cement Application Segments

Application Segments - Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Application Segments - Commercial Infrastructure

Commercial Infrastructure

Application Segments - Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways

Application Segments - Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants

Application Segments - Marine Construction

Marine Construction

Application Segments - Plain and RCC Work

Plain and RCC Work

PPC Statistical report - compressive strength
PPC Statistical report - setting time
PPC Statistical report - soundness