The PPC Emami Double Bull Procem Cement has been designed especially for industrial customers, by optimising the mix of fly ash content.The optimum mix leads to strength, viscosity and compatibility with a range of chemical mixtures.

Advantages of PPC Emami Double Bull Procem

Advantage Emami Cement - High Range Compatibility

High Range Compatibility

Advantage Emami Cement - Better strength

Better strength

Advantage Emami Cement - Higher Workability

Higher Workability

Advantage Emami Cement - Faster Strength Gaining Rate

Faster Strength Gaining Rate

Our exclusive product range

Emami Double Bull PPC

Emami Double Bull PSC

Emami Double Bull OPC-53

Emami Double Bull OPC-43

PPC Emami Double Bull Procem Application Segments

Residential Construction

Commercial Infrastructure

Roads and Highways

Plain and RCC Work

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